The Story Behind Success

Humble beginnings to an evolving and progressive journey

Back in 1956, an ambitious lorry driver Yousif Al Majed who used to gather, cut and re-sell rocks harboured a keen desire to start his own excavation and transport business. Without formal registration and armed with only a few trucks, he put his plans into action by hiring few more machines and carrying out small excavations jobs to start with.

It was not until the late 1971  when the company was officially registered as a sole proprietorship, involved in excavation work. This was a milestone that took the business into a higher level though still only with a handful of employees and a small fleet of machines and trucks.

Under the leadership of the late Yousif Al Majed, the company progressed to become a participative force in the growth and development of the community.

As the next generation assumed leadership of the company, they left no stone unturned in meeting every criterion the government had laid. Soon enough the company had evolved into being re-classified for a higher and then a higher category level, allowing it to bid for bigger and bigger projects and expand the business more and more.

The company’s next aim is to achieve the highest accreditation of A+ which will help it remain ahead of the competition. Plans are already afoot to qualify for this level of classification which involves raising the in-house capabilities with respect to block, concrete and asphalt manufacturing.

The journey which was started by an enthusiastic and visionary young man some six decades ago has evolved to become a leader in its field of business, and the road to greater future progress and success is wide open and clear.